L'Abri Maternel

Offering a caring environment to pregnant women and/or women in a situation of social handicap and vulnerability.

L'Abri Maternel

The French Association L'Abri Maternel was created in 1918 by Miss Agnès de Jesse Charleval, midwife, and was recognized as a public utility in 1927.
The initial work was to fight, in these post-war years, against the appalling ravages of clandestine abortion and abandonment at birth. It was also to offer to those who were called "girl-mothers" a place where they could be welcomed without any moral judgment and carry their pregnancy to term in a caring environment.

SDG Focus

The Vision

A Place of Fulfillment

Beyond the functions of reception and accommodation, the Association affirms its real commitment to the process of social and professional integration of families, access to rights and citizenship. The teams of the establishment are mobilized to do everything possible to promote the development of the mother and the child, to support and develop parental skills.

The Objective

Provide opportunities for the future

The association strives to ensure that the passage through the establishment is considered by the residents as a vector of future prospects and facilitator of integration. This passage must be transitory, a vehicle for projections and inclusion in society. L’Abri Maternel must allow residents to envisage their life in better conditions and to access an autonomous management of their daily family life.

The active presence of professionals with the families is an essential element in the realization of the association’s missions. It allows us to establish a relationship of trust and to take into account and respect the culture of each person.

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L'Abri Maternel
C.H.R.S et Centre Maternel
75, Boulevard de la BLANCARDE

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