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CASD-SL is a membership network and community-based organization of local and national community structures that originates and headquartered in Bo Southern Province of Sierra Leone.

The internet platform that CASD-SL chose to allow people and organizations to support the projects it carries out.
The platform was developed by a Swiss-based company, Causedirect SA.

Causedirect is a Swiss limited company (“Société Anonyme” – SA) with a capital of CHF 100’000. The firm is a purpose, impact driven organization, meaning that profit is not the primary objective. Causedirect commits to give back 10% of its profits to charities of its choice and aims to increase that portion up to 30%.

The Pandemic and now the war have put many charities under stressful and difficult financial situation. Causedirect was created to help them using the latest technology.

There are five good reasons for that:

  1. First, the donation is sent directly to you, through Stripe.
  2. Causedirect strives to broadening your donor base. With Causedirect’s corporate partners, you will increase awareness of your causes among a larger audience and eventually meet if not exceed your fundraising goals.
  3. Thanks to Causedirect, fundraising becomes simple, and this will help you focus on your core activity: creating and managing your projects.
  4. With Causedirect, your financial risk is minimal: you pay only based on the funds you get. Only electronic payment fees are due. These processing fees (e.g.: credit card, Stripe…), are lower than those you would otherwise get on a stand-alone basis.
  5. You will be in good company as Causedirect only selects the most impactful charities around the world.

Your gift will go to CASD-SL’s bank account via Causedirect’s Stripe account. It was the only way to do it as Stripe does not cover Africa.

With this platform, donors will have access to a vast but also selective choice of causes. Furthermore, the charity will benefit from a special processing fee from the credit card, which could be up to 50% less than the fee it would pay to the credit card by not belonging to our network. In other words, giving through this portal costs less to the charity.

You can give through many ways: by credit card or through Stripe. Payment details are mentioned in the charity/project description.

Yes, you can. The portal that you are using is adapted to smartphones and tablets to facilitate your action.

more than 140 different currencies, thanks to Stripe Technology.

You will receive a receipt while CASD-SL  will send you a thank you message.

You will receive a receipt mentioning the project you have chosen while  CASD-SL will send you a thank you message as well as a tax certificate. It is the CASD-SL’s responsibility to allocate your donation to the project.

This is the responsibility of the beneficiary of your donation, in this case, CASD-SL. By registering on Causedirect, CASD-SL has accepted the Terms of Use and the conditions the non-profit organizations are committed to comply with this requirement. Furthermore, CASD-SL is committed to make sure your donation goes to the project you have chosen.

Although there is no minimum, we usually advise to give no less than 10 dollars.

The Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges we face, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice (source: United Nations).

Causedirect’s aim is not to collect data, as many other platforms do to monetize them, but to help you make a lasting and positive impact on society. In other words, Causedirect is a purpose driven platform, not a data driven platform. The platform has been configured in such a way that your donation can be seen only if you ask for it. If you want to keep it anonymous, a number is associated to your donation instead of your name, so that it can still be included in the consolidated statistics of the organization. Should you want to erase all your data and cancel your account, this will be the case, including the link between this number and your identity. Only your anonymized data will be kept in our records for statistical purposes.

Yes, and we encourage you to do so in order to inspire your friends to do the same. Because what you do matters.

Empowering Communities in Sierra Leone


We Strive to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Community Action For Sustainable Development – Sierra Leone – With the kind contribution of Causedirect