Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy aims to give you more control over your information and clearly explains how we use it. Our core commitments regarding your privacy have not changed, including our commitment to never sell your data. You can read the updated policy below. Our Terms of Use and Cookie Policy have been adapted to this policy so that everything is synchronized. As always, thank you for using this platform, and please let us know if you have any questions or comments.


Changes to This Policy

This policy may be updated from time to time. If we do, we will notify you of any material changes by advising you on the Platform or emailing you. New versions of this policy will never apply retroactively – we will tell you about the exact date on which they will come into effect. If you continue to use this Platform after a change, you agree to this policy.


The Operator of the Platform

Causedirect SA is the sole administrator and operator of the Platform.


CASD-SL is a membership network and community-based organization of local and national community structures that originate and are headquartered in Bo Southern Province of Sierra Leone (hereafter the “Organization”).

Causedirect as operator of CASD-SL’s Platform

Causedirect’s role is limited to providing the Community with a platform (hereafter the “Platform) to facilitate donations to the featured projects.

Causedirect cannot, in any way, interfere with or take responsibility for the origin and destination of funds, which remain under the control and supervision of CASD-SL.


Who Is Causedirect

Causedirect is a Swiss limited company aiming to raise awareness around the sustainable development agenda defined by the United Nations (UN Sustainable Development Goals – UN SDGs) and accelerate its implementation. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity. Causedirect strives to connect and mobilize people around social and environmental causes, creating communities of impactful change-makers to move forward with the sustainable development agenda and SDGs. Causedirect allows Changemakers to support their favorite charities and projects (hereafter the “Featured Charities” and the “Featured Projects”) in a quick, easy and efficient manner while providing them with complete electronic records for personal accounting and tax purposes. To achieve this goal, Causedirect seeks to collaborate with organizations that share its values, as well as its vision, bringing them together under one digital space to make it easier for them to widen their audience and advertise themselves to new potential Donors and for Donors to donate directly to a Featured Charity or Featured Project, with the ultimate aim to increase the fundraising goals of the Featured Charities and Featured Projects.


What Causedirect does

Causedirect brings together businesses, civil society, and NGOs to recognize, fund, and advance sustainable solutions within the framework of the SDGs. In particular, Causedirect helps on the one hand sustainable projects to find the resources they need to carry out their mission and, on the other hand, enables people and organizations to achieve a positive and lasting impact on society by:

  • Raising awareness about SDGs within civil society, businesses, and universities.
  • Spotting the causes and projects generating the highest impact on society and the environment.
  • Creating and enabling an environment for community action.
  • Encouraging solidarity commitment within Organizations.


Why Causedirect does it

Causedirect believes that engaging everyone to take action or participate in supporting or initiating causes can significantly impact the sustainability agenda’s advancement.


How Causedirect does it

Causedirect connects people in organizations to highly innovative and ground-breaking projects aligned with the SDGs. This connection is via a public Internet Platform ( as well as via a customizable Platform like this one, enabling the Community to:

  • Communicate about its SDG strategy and monitor progress;
  • Empower its members to engage as social change-makers;
  • Support the Community and its Members via the Platform.


When does this Privacy Policy apply

This Privacy policy applies when we, as Causedirect, process personal information collected from people worldwide. Causedirect processes your data and information if you create an account with us. Therefore, by registering online on this Platform, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.


How does this Policy apply

This policy describes the information Causedirect collects from you, how they use it, and their legal basis for doing so. It also covers how and if this information can be shared and your rights and choices regarding the information you provide to Causedirect. If you see a word in upper case, it is defined in the Terms of Use. Causedirect uses cookies and similar technologies as described in the Cookie Policy. By using this Platform, you acknowledge that you have accepted the Terms of Use and read and understood this Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy.


The personal data Causedirect collects and receives

As a User, you are not obliged to create an account to use the Platform. However, we recommend you do it as it would help you make your community of change-makers, generate maximal impact on society and inspire your friends and colleagues to do the same.


What is your data?

Your data is the information required to register on the Platform, such as your first name, last name, date of birth, gender, and any other information you choose to provide, such as your telephone number, postal address, country of residence, not to mention various details, such as but not limited to, your hobbies, your favorite quotes, your inspiring personalities, your engagement, your causes, your skills your availability for a volunteering mission, etc. You will also be asked to provide an email address, a username, and a password.

You can access and correct most of your data stored by Causedirect by logging into your account.

We may ask you for this information if you register as a user of the Platform, if you subscribe to our newsletters, download or send content via this Platform, or if you contact us.

This data may also include:

The information you provide for identity verification purposes includes but is not limited to your legal name, business name, title, and date of birth. Sometimes, our payment processing service will ask you to provide a secure download of an identity document (such as your passport, driver’s license, or other government-issued ID) to the Platform.

Details of requests and the activities and interactions you have with Causedirect by using the Platform (i.e. if you donate or fundraise). Causedirect partners with other companies (such as Stripe) for payment processing. The payment information you submit is collected and used by them in accordance with their privacy policies (for Stripe, click here). Causedirect does not store your payment information outside of the last four digits of your credit card or bank account (as applicable), expiry date, and country, which we require for tax, government regulatory, and security purposes; Information about your use of our mobile app (such as your IP address, the type of device or browser you use, and your actions on the platform).

Traffic analysis provides information on how people visit and interact with our site. For more information on our use of data analysis to protect and improve our services, see our Cookie Policy; and, Communications you send to us (for example, when you ask for support, send us questions or comments, or report a problem); and,

Information that you submit on or to Causedirect in the form of comments, contributions to discussions, or messages to other users; and,

The e-mail address associated with your organization (work email) and your social network accounts, such as but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, if you choose to sign up with your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter credentials. Causedirect will also request permission to access your name, profile photo, and friends list (these permissions are governed by the privacy policies of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and can be managed through your Facebook and Twitter parameters). We never post anything on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other third-party accounts without your permission.

You may decline to provide us with your information. However, this will limit your ability to sign up for an account or use our services. You can donate as a guest by providing only an e-mail address, but you will not be able to raise funds for a project without registering.

Suppose you wish to modify your donation and fundraising actions. In that case, if you want to record payment details for future contributions, comment on the project and make full use of all the features offered by the platform, you will have to complete the creation of an account.

You can view, edit, or delete your information through your account settings.

When you donate through this Platform, you permit us to access your donation at any time and to use the information you provide to process your donation. Unless you request that your gift and message (if any) be anonymous, upon transmitting your donation, we will make available to your selected Featured Charity online reports identifying, where available, the name, address, e-mail, and transaction accounting details of the donation. You may choose to remain anonymous when you donate.


How Causedirect uses this information

Causedirect uses this information for the following purposes:

  • To secure and protect your account (including verifying the identity of those in charge of managing projects and charities and preventing fraud and abuse);
  • To provide you with the best service and suggest actions that may be of interest to you;
  • To create and administer your account, contact you if necessary, and personalize your experience on Causedirect (for example, to display the projects corresponding to your preference criteria and to warn you of activities or events that may interest you, not to mention opportunities for volunteer);
  • And to improve the performance of Causedirect and offer you the best possible user experience.


Users from the European Union

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires a “legal basis” for the collection and retention of personal information of citizens or residents of the European Economic Area. Our legal framework includes the following:

  • Execution of the contract that Causedirect has with you: In certain circumstances, Causedirect needs your data to meet their contractual obligation to provide you with services such as allowing you to give to causes that are important to you and raise funds for them.

Legal compliance: Sometimes, the regulations state that Causedirect must collect and use your data for tax purposes, forcing us to keep records of donations made through this platform.

  • Legitimate interests: This is a technical term in data protection law that essentially means that Causedirect has a good and fair reason to use your data and that they do so in a way that does not harm your interests and rights. Causedirect sometimes needs your data to pursue their legitimate interests reasonably in the course of our business, which does not materially affect your rights, freedom, or interests. For example, Causedirect uses information such as your identity and location to avoid fraud and abuse and ensure the security of their services. Causedirect may also encourage you to do more for the common good by making communications specific to their services or other causes and projects that may interest you, subject to your agreement. Causedirect analyses how users interact with the Platform and gather feedback to understand better which services work best and which do not. This allows them to improve and develop the quality of the online experience they offer to all their users.


How is this information shared?
Information that is shared publicly

When you create an account, we allow you to create your profile, containing various information such as your username, the date the account was created, your hobbies, themes, or SDGs that you prefer (as per Eradication of poverty – SDG1 – or Water & Sanitation – SDG 6), as well as the list of projects and activities or events that you have saved or launched. By default, your profile is private, and you can choose to make it public in your account settings. Your username appears with the comments you post and the messages you send to this platform. If your profile is set to “public,” users can click your username to view it. If you make your profile public, others will see the following things:

  • The username of the account you selected and the date the account was created;
  • Any information you choose to add to your profile (such as a photo, bio, or your location), including, but not limited to, your skills and availability as a volunteer, your commitment, etc.;
  • Projects you have supported and supported by either volunteering (online or on-site), mentoring, or fundraising;
  • Projects, activities, fundraising campaigns, and events you have created;
  • Comments you have posted on the Platform; and,
  • If you “liked” a project update. If you want to have a public profile but do not want others to see your name or profile picture on the Community tab of a project, you can choose an account picture or a non-identifiable name (for example, PatTheCat63). You can edit or delete certain information associated with your account (such as your username, profile, biography, and location within the organization you are working for) from your account settings and change your settings. If you want to make your profile private or change the default settings. You may also be asked to verify your identities before starting a project/initiative/activity/event. Once this has been done, your name will be displayed publicly on your profile and on all the projects/activities/events you will initiate.


Information that is not shared publicly

The following data will not be displayed publicly or disclosed to other users:

  • Any payment information you provide;
  • Your password;
  • Your IP address;
  • Your phone number;
  • Your date of birth and any other information relating to your identity;
  • Any information about your private profile, according to your preferences;
  • And the communications you send us (for example, when you ask for help, send us questions or comments, or report a problem).


Information that’s shared with trusted third-party services

Causedirect may share your information with certain trusted third-party services to help them provide, improve, promote, or protect Causedirect’s Services (such as when they partner with payment processors or use services that help them manage our ads on other sites). When they share data with third-party services, Causedirect requires that they use your information only for authorized purposes. They ensure they protect your personal information to at least the same standards as Causedirect. Causedirect may also share aggregated and anonymized data in a way that does not identify you directly.


Information that is shared with the featured projects

When you donate to a project, the charity, in this case, CASD-SL, will know your username and the amount you gave unless you do not want that to be known. In this case, all information will remain anonymous. Recipients of your donations never receive credit card details or other payment information. If you have financed a Featured Project, the beneficiary of your donation (i.e., CASD-SL) will receive the email address associated with your Platform account unless you do not want it. CASD-SL is required to keep the information confidential. In no case may the latter request your personal information unless you authorize it, in the case, for example, where you would ask for a tax certificate. Please get in touch with us through our support page if you receive a request for information that you feel is inappropriate or excessive.


Information that’s shared to protect Causedirect and comply with the law

Causedirect reserves the right to disclose personal information when they believe it is necessary for compliance and law enforcement, to prevent fraud or abuse, or to protect the legal rights, property, or safety of Causedirect, its employees, and its users.


Links to other websites and services

This Platform may include links to other websites or services whose privacy practices may differ from those of Causedirect. When you use a link to an external site or service, they are governed by their privacy and data processing policies.



Causedirect will retain your information as long as your account is active and as long as necessary to provide you with the services defined in this policy. Causedirect will keep and use this information as necessary for the purposes set out in this Policy and to the extent required to comply with their legal obligations, resolve disputes, enforce our agreements and protect the legal rights of Causedirect. Causedirect also collects and stores aggregated, anonymous or pseudonymized information that it may retain indefinitely to protect the safety and security of its platform, improve its services or comply with its legal obligations.


Data transfers

Because Causedirect is a company based in Switzerland, your information will be collected and processed in Switzerland. Switzerland has laws governing data protection and government access to information. The rules that protect your personal information under Swiss law may differ from those of your home country. If you choose to use this Platform, you must agree to Causedirect User Conditions, which define the agreement between Causedirect and its users.


Your rights

Users in certain countries, including the EU, enjoy certain rights regarding their personal information. Except where an exception or exemption applies, these rights include the ability to access, correct, and request the deletion of your personal information. Although these rights do not apply globally, all Causedirect users may manage their personal information, as described below, in their account settings. You can request a download copy of your data from Causedirect from your Account Settings page. Please log in and update your profile to edit or delete the personal information you provided to them. You can also delete your account from the settings page of your account. Causedirect may retain certain information required by law or necessary for legitimate business purposes.


Email and mobile communications

Causedirect will communicate with you only if you want to hear from them. Causedirect strives to minimize emails and allow you to opt for any marketing communications they send. Causedirect will send you an email about your operations and activities, which will also appear on your page. You can also choose to receive certain communications by email marketing, according to your preferences, and from which you can unsubscribe at any time by adjusting your notification settings. If you download the Causedirect app, you can manage the notifications you receive on your mobile device in your profile settings. Causedirect will also send you service announcements as they deem necessary.

Notice of change

If Causedirect changes this Privacy Policy, we will notify you, as appropriate under the circumstances, for example, by publication on the home page.


The security of your data is essential to Causedirect. Causedirect follows standard industry practices to protect the data they collect and maintain, including using Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt information as it travels over the Internet. Since no method of transmission over the Internet or electronic storage is entirely secure, Causedirect cannot guarantee its absolute security. Your account information is protected by a password, which you must choose carefully and keep safe. Causedirect encourages all users to enable two-factor authentication in account settings to protect their accounts further. Causedirect has a security incident response team and a protocol in case of a data breach. Causedirect encourages the responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities in their Services by sending an email to 

Data protection authority

Subject to applicable law, if you are a citizen or resident of the European Economic Area, you also have the right to (i) object to Causedirect’s use of your personal information and (ii) lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority or The Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC), which is Causedirect’s lead supervisory authority in Switzerland. Datenschutzaufsichtsstelle des Kantons Bern,Poststrasse 25 -3072 Ostermundigen,Tel. +41 31 633 74 10  – Web: here


People under 18 years of age (or below the legal age in your jurisdiction) are not allowed to use this Platform on their own. In addition, children under 13 years old are not allowed to register, open an account or use our services.

If you believe a child has provided us with personal information, don’t hesitate to contact us at If we learn that a child under 13 has provided us with personally identifiable information, we will remove it.

Updated: August 2022


Empowering Communities in Sierra Leone


We Strive to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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