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You are in the right place! Causedirect strives to reinvent fundraising by making it fun and more efficient.

What You Have to Do!

To be listed on Causedirect, you must first take a test and then, if successful, fill out a form.

Why A Test?

This is our way of ensuring that you meet our governance and management criteria. We are very selective and restrict ourselves to a limited number of organizations in order to better serve them.

The Process

Here is an overview of how to get featured on our community engagement platform. The registration process may seem a bit long, but it is necessary for us to understand your vision, your mission and, above all, your needs. First, you will need to fill a self-assessment questionnaire. Once done, we will ask some questions and some documents before eventually giving you access to our community.

This is how it works

1. First, you get your login credentials from Causedirect.

2. Then you fill-in a self-assessment questionnaire regarding your organization.

3. If you pass the test, you will have to fill NGO submission form… Yes… We know… (we told you, it’s a bit long, but be sure you’ll be rewarded for getting through it!!)

4. You passed the test. Congratulations! Now you can create your profile!

5. and list your projects on (and other sub-platforms),

6. not to mention create activities/events for each project. See how cool it is?

We advise you to prepare everything before answering the questionnaire. Rest assured you can count with us to support you in every step along the way!

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