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Salone Uman

Founded: 2017

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Salone Uman is a Civil Society Organization (CSO) that is dedicated to promoting women’s empowerment and rights through advocacy, awareness raising and capacity building, working with communities and institutions, state and non-state actors, donors, businesses and individuals to address inequality, discrimination and vulnerability impeding women’s full participation in the social, economic, cultural and political spheres of life.



To promote justice and eradicate poverty through the empowerment of women.

- Protection and Access to Justice:

- To influence and support laws and policies that protect women against all forms of discrimination and violence and supporting girls and women victims of violence, abuse and trafficking;

- To promote labour rights, land property and inheritance rights, natural resources rights as well as health, sexual and reproductive rights.

- Education and Training:

- To promoting girls and women’s access to information and participation in education, training programmes including literacy classes and vocational training to aid employment and career development.

- Economic Empowerment:

- To promote appropriate and sustainable business development services including-business planning/counseling, legal information and advice, technical and managerial training, product design and development, savings groups and loan schemes, agro-business training.

4. Women’s Voice:
- Promote women’s participation in decision making and access and to power;
- To shift stereotypes against women and girls through Arts and the Media

Ongoing Projects

Empowering vulnerable women through self-employability skills and functional literacy training.

Contact People

Edward Steven Mungu




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Empowering Communities in Sierra Leone


We Strive to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Ministry of Social Welfare – Government of Sierra Leone – With the kind contribution of Causedirect